Friday, December 24, 2010



ogenki desuka??

my life is kinda messy recently..

so, i ended up deactivating my FB account... well, at least for 3 days.. well, initially, i wanted to make it a week.. but i guess the addiction wont allow me to.. ehee

hurm.. so frens, pape, roger kat hp or ym, kay? eheee



ps : enjoying busy life at home ;)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

new Sem


hisashiburi!!! its been awHiLE~~ yup! maLAs nak update my Blog ni..

the mood just came when my cousin called me...

i broke my phone few months back n lost most contacts.. my cousin called me out of blue asking me about gastric patients diet.. sory dude.. dunno much.. i jus know that we shud eat at the correct time.. well, at least a piece of cracker..janji ada mende masuk to avoid more acid corroding our intestinal epithelium cells..eheee...

didn't expect dia boleh kena gastric sebab as far as i know, dia ni pemakan.. hurm.. tu laaa.. sape suh makan tak kena time.. skip breakfast agi :P

k laaa.. makan ikut timing sendiri, with reasonable amount.. isk.isk..

anyway, wishing the Best of Luck to all IIUMian for this new semester... frens, lets Try our BesT for our FinaL semesTer here, as an undergrad student!!! Gambarou!!!



Friday, October 29, 2010


hisashiburi.. oho~~~

its been awhile since my last entry..ok, sriusly, lame kot?!ehe..
weLL, so much things happened this year.. malas nak cite..

cut it short,

so, latest update is, i just finished my first final paper for this semester, aka, my first final paper for undergrad exam.. no more exam paper nex sem.. hou yeah! hou yeah! (well, insyaAllah la..) bila da final exam bertulis ni, makin cuak semacam plak.. ho.ho.. next sem, can focus on my FYP (final year projek) je.. eeeeee....tak sabarnya nak habiskan FYP neyh!!!

oh yes!! due to unstable emotion with stress etc bcoz of exam, i felt down, like, for a week..? i'm like seriusly down, n even my YM status is still for self motivation...
"HE's alwaYs wiTh me.. it's a pRomisE ;)"

who do u think "HE" is in this status.. c'mon promise wont be permanently, wat? bajet aku da found some laa eh? ha.ha.. seb laaa korang tertipu.. sory laa weh.. siyus down laa.. He is my only hope woah.. have faith in HIM laa weh.. baru laa rase puas.. trust me, u'll feel a lil ease..


anyway, frens, mates, dudes, babes, lahlings... those who're struggling for final now, i'm wishing u,
THE BEST OF LUCK in ur final

& he's always with us



Thursday, September 16, 2010


pada suatu hari.....

A : ko suka laki yang cane?

B : laki yang kaya...

A : fuyyooooo... materialistik gak ko ni eh? *wat muka*

B : eh? idup mesti laa materialistik.. barulaa maju.. alang nak wat ibadat pon harapkan balasan keredhaanNya.. btol x? *monolog dalaman : woi sedare, kaya yang aku nak, kaya iman, kaya akhlak, barulaa kaya harta n rupa T_____T*

conclusion : kalo cite pasal kaya, orang mesti pikir $$$$$, kan? bukan mende tuh subjektif ke? mcm kaya ble refer woah..xpaham aku..isk.isk.isk....



Monday, August 30, 2010


well.. after been thru a great day, i received a bad news which really irritating!!!

ook.. instead of sharing problems, i prefer to share happy things with friends.. so, inilah problemnya.. kusut da kepala ni nak pikir pe nak buat..

Ya Allah, please don't test me with something i'm not afford..



ja Neee

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RamaDhan's here


ogenki desuka? well.. a week before ramadhan started, my class went to field trips.. 4 days in mangrove forest, half a day at Pekan, 1 day at Cherating n finally, half a day burnt under hot sunshine on dikes at a fishing farm in Cerok Paloh (i guess)..

we didn't go just for fun.. ok, we did have fun.. but thought of loads of report awaiting, urgh!!!! i hate it.. tak pe laa.. at least, dapat went diving for once before fasting month started, ok laa tuh (words to motivate myself.. ok, siyus hate report writing)

once we got back, we were informed that we had to do tones of report INDIVIDUALLY!!! apakah?! time kat field trip kata wat in group.. seniors pon wat in group.. revenge x dapat mee udang eh :P

ok, redha :(

then, the lovely, a long waited month arrived..alhamdulillah.. i could feel my tense fading away.. hou yeah! seriously, memang rasa tenang sangat2 thou tones of report n lab work awaiting..

n PLUS!!! sampling, tetap sampling!! huhuu

well...unlike others, i prefer to set my annual goals in Ramadhan, instead of Muharram.. i think, alang-alang da puasa, pe salahnya start improving ourselves, aite? so, hopefully, this Ramadhan's goals, i can fulfill them ;)

ok, some of pics to be shared :

label, jangan tak label

@charcoal factory.. nk try gak

latest sampling

well then,


SeLaMat Berpuasa sume ;)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

weekend ke, week-not-end?


wat a hectic weekend i had.. yesterday(Saturday), i had a futsal match.. well, i only could join a match.. coz i had morning class, our first class for this new subject, this semester. he's an import lecturer form other uni, as my uni lack of lecturers (most of our future experts, ehe.. are on their study leave)..memang tak sempat la to wait for them to come bak n teach us..tak pelaa.. for the sake of next generation, redha je laaa.. huhuu

it was also the day where i have to take care of our class's fingerlings in cage n aquariums. then, in the afternoon, i enjoyed fooling around, playing voleyball.. didn't feel the seniority at all playing with the juniors.. hahaa... memang layan asal boleh je pon, kan.. thou we lost, at least we enjoyed playing voleyball.. heee.. after that, need to feed the fingerlings in the cage n aquarium again.. twice a day babe!! memang buat schedule laa for my aquaculture class, sape yang in-charge for feeding.

at nite plak, went out to pick my friend gi mane ntah. sampai bilik, helped out one of my friend with her lappy..tak settle lagi, nta cane trus tertidur..hahaaa

as for today plak, my classmate yang in-caj feeding the fingerlings not around plak.. so, tolong laa dia feeding them again..then, had a futsal match again. 1 won, 1 lost.. takpe laa.. we enjoyed the games thou :)

after the game, went out to shop some things for my FYP, bajet-bajet wanted to continue my FYP after zoho. but it turned out i did my FYP on the comfortable bed.. hahhaaa... so, sok jelaaa

at nite, my fren brought murtabak cracker from home..memang TERBAEKK laaa!!!! tq!tq! memang ko da ble kawen laa tak lame lagi :P
hontoni arigato neeee!!!! terus supper n sahur.. perut kenyang.. ooohhllalallalaa~~~

wokeyh, kena sambung tolong member cari journals for her FYP.. beb, i have nothing much to help.. so, ni jelaa aku boleh tolong hang, ok.. sorry sangat.. best of luck to U & ALL OF MY FRIENDS in your FYP... gambarou, ne?!


ja~ NEee

Thursday, July 29, 2010

first month


ogenki desuka? well, as in my previous post, dis year is kinda stress year, aite? guess i shudnt take it too seriously.. shudnt be stressful for the things i'm being tested..

wokeyh...simple go green (redirected from here)

so, this semester, i was being offered to be a committee which i expected to be a 1 day program.. however, as i attended the 2nd meeting, then only i knew that it is a 1 SEMESTER program.. hahaa.. sape suh tak tanye betol2.. men accept je the post.. its my uni go green program.. insyaAllah i can do my best, thou i'm kinda busy with my FYP (final year project), & loads of field trip!!! sounds great,aite? praying the best along with doing my best to fulfill all my responsibilities.ahax~~~ (sounds poyo tak :P)

terima kaseh atas jasa baik kalian thou during a rainy day ;)
(nad, newah n cik wani j)

first lab yang membasahkan diri :P


more interesting things coming up through out this semester *the excitement is coming.. hou yeah!hou yeah!*


ja~ Neeeeeee~~~

Saturday, July 24, 2010

lame dah eh~~


Its been awhile since my last post..

already settled in kuantan, started new semester.. just started.. but i could feel the pressure..

i guess, this year, i can call a year of dugaan.. u know my limit, ya Allah.. please help me in facing ur tests..

sriusly, aku tengah STRESSS!!!!

ok, insyaAllah i can do it!! yes! i can do it! i can do it! *motivating myself*

malas nak pikir dah..


Monday, June 28, 2010



how are u?

miss one of my favorite teacher back in skool.. he was a very nice teacher.. my BM teacher, a BM expert.. miss him out of blue..

still remember his saying,

if u seen a married couple, her husband is a handsome guy, gorgeous, etc; while u seen his wife looks merely ordinary or typical; and u just feel jealous for those lovey-dovey couple's happiness, think of wat the wife may has done to keep her husband aside that u might never afford to do d same as d wife

so, as a conclusion, find your own soulmate, fella.. think of wat happiness will u get once u get ur own soulmate..and once u get him/her, don't ever think of finding sumone else..u already decided to choose him/her to spend ur whole life with. he/she has already been chosen by HIM for u, fella~~ (i'm talking about marriage of COZ!!)

the best is, takyah sibuk-sibuk nak kaco other's happiness, k? they deserve them, n u deserve urs..

hurm.. wateva u do, just pray for the best from HIM..

gudluck in finding ur own happiness..

remember that HE's always be with us, n life is like a wheel =)


Saturday, June 26, 2010



ogenki desuka? well, just hung up my mom's call..

talked on crappy things as usual... biasaklaaa...

then when things got serius, gelabah semacam dah ni.. huhuu...

ok, chill.. chill... jauh lagi perjalanan shino!!!

kasi setel FYP dulu ni...

insyaAllah abah, ibu... akak wat yang terbaek!!!
doa banyak2...

then kita tawakaltu 'alAllah, ok?

insyaAllah will get d best from him

*mode ON : gelabah = boloq*


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

senyum ;)


ogenki desuka?? well, i'm suppoz to write, finish my internship report tonite.but, SERIOUSLY, i have no idea wat to write, to bebel (ok, alasan MALAS nak wat report) :P

anyway, just a lil reminder here.. have u ever realized wut eva u do(emotionally esp), u r actually influencing people around u?ok, lets say, if u smile, to anyone, even makcik tepi jalan yang tengah masam muka pon, surely she'll smile back at u.. unless die betul-betul marah laaa, sampai nak tarik bibir meleret ke pipi sikit pon payah..

so, vice versa.. kalo tengah marah tuh, better control not to burst it out to other innocent people surround u..kang tak pasal-pasal je orang len tuh, burst kat other innocent people.. tak ke 1 kampung dah jadi emosi semacam sebab awak sorang je? isk.isk.isk... *geleng kapla*

ok, sebenarnya, nak sampaikan, senyumlah walau apa pon keadaan.. guess its the best cure..

lets take the best example, Rasulullah SAW walaupun dalam keadaan marah, tetap senyum kat orang yang tak disukai. Imam Bukhari dalam rekodnya ada disebutkan bahawa Saiditina Aisyah berkata:

“Ada seorang lelaki yang meminta izin untuk bertemu dengan Rasulullah SAW. Ketika Baginda melihat orang itu dari jauh, maka Baginda bersabda: Dia adalah seburuk-buruk saudara dan anak dalam kerabat. Namun ketika orang (Uyainah) itu sudah duduk, Baginda memberikan senyuman di wajah dan menerima dengan baik hati kedatangan orang itu. Ketika orang itu sudah pergi, Aisyah berkata kepada Rasulullah SAW: Wahai Rasulullah, ketika kau melihat orang itu tadi dari jauh engkau berkata begini dan begitu. Tapi kemudian engkau berwajah ceria setelah berada di hadapannya dan menerima kedatangannya dengan baik hati. Kemudian Rasulullah bersabda: Wahai Aisyah, bilakah engkau melihatku berbuat tidak baik?”

& Imam al-Khataby ketika mensyarahkan hadis itu berkata;

“Hadis ini dilihat dari sudut adab dan ilmu. Ucapan Rasulullah SAW mengenai diri Uyainah sesuatu gambaran yang tidak disukainya secara jelas disebut Ghibah. Ghibah berlaku di antara sebahagian orang dari umat Islam terhadap sebahagian yang lain. Namun, perlakuan Baginda adalah menjelaskan dan mengungkapkannya dalam bentuk nasihat dan kasih sayang terhadap umatnya. Kerana Baginda sudah dianugerahi sifat kemurahan hati dan akhlak yang baik, maka Baginda memperlihatkan wajah berseri dan tidak menghadapi kesukaran berhadapan orang tidak disukainya. Baginda bertindak sebegitu supaya umat Islam meniru perbuatan Baginda, supaya dapat dihindari keburukan yang boleh menimpa umatnya dan mereka boleh selamat daripada kejahatan dan tipu daya."

senyuman tuh kan penyejuk hati?
so, senyumlaaaaa.. ;)


Thursday, June 17, 2010

fenat @_@~


ogenki desuka? juz feel like blogging..

well,went to Gaya island yesterday, 1 of d best island in Malaysia for its underwater world ecology..

Alhamdulillah, i did enjoy diving there..

cyprae sp. (cowries)
*think so, not sure.. sorry*

sea cucumber, anyone :P

it was awesome that i could see a sharksucker & a stingray(the blue spotted sp., i guess) swimming freely rite in front of my eyes.. SubhanAllah..

my fren & i watched the sharksucker swimming freely around us

blue spotted stingray

owh.. n btw, actually, as for this week, i have to complete my mini project, designing an artificial reef from recycled sand filter.. still working on supervisor isn't around.. so, MALASNYAAAA!!!

but he'll be around nex week.. so, i have to COMPLETE the project ASAP!!!! ok, have to off to office earlier lagi laa sok jawabnya.. haish~~~

recycled mende nih, wat artificial reef..amacam? ada beran? :P

can't believe it. just 1 more week left for the mini project pon xsiap lagi woah! CEPATNYAAA MASA BERLALU!!!



ps : a lil confession here.. well, i was once tot that the sharksucker is a fish with a man stepped on its head.. hahaa

Saturday, June 12, 2010



"ko tau x dia tunang nex week?"tetiba sorang membe aku message tanya ni..

"aku tau dia nak tunang dis year. tapi, NEXT WEEK??"aku reply

ok, seriusly, aku dah tanak keje or practical jaoh2 dah (as if ada internship agi pasni)
ok, memang aku tanak kerja jaoh dari hometown aku.. i mean, not over the sea kaa.. islands in Peninsular, bole consider agi kot..

wuargh!!!! baru Jun kot?! tapi, member aku n relatives aku tunang n even kawen pon, da bape banyak aku miss.. tuh excluding wedding seniors aku tuh.. isk.. nyesal lak mintak internship jaoh2 ni.. takpe!takpe! pengalaman, shino, pengalaman..*pujuk diri aku ni*

memang laa da bajet i'm gonna miss banyak majlis dis year.. tapi, asal tahun ni cam banyak sgt?? ehee...envy neyh!

anyway, congrats kat korang2 yang da bertemu jodoh.. semoga diredhaiNya, berkekalan n berbahagia ke akhir hayat

"baraKallahuLakuma wabaraka 'alaikuma wajama'a bainakuma bilkhair"



Friday, June 11, 2010



ahnyeong hase... yo!! (nak ciplak style yamapi dalam proposal daisakusen).. ehe

well, sebenarnya, cam da wat terbodoh semalam..

there was a group of Korean visitors visited the aquarium here, where i'm doing my internship..kat sini kalo takde kerja, memang kena laa jadi pelayan visitors.. so, semalam, serius, aku tak paham Korean language.. takat 2-3 words je, ape laaa sangat,kan? diorang lak tak paham english.. malay jauh sekali laa kan? so, kitorang berinteraksi ayam-itik.. body language mostly..

yang wat aku termalu, aku nak cakap sikit (chukum) jadi bagus (choa).. diorang pon pening, aku lagi laa tangkap fening @_@


k laaa... pasni nak try belaja korean language lak tapi jangan tanya bila akan khatam as a beginner laaa.. hahaaa

chup!!! i just realized, i only have 2 more weeks for my internship here.. how time flies!!!
better enjoy to the fullest while working here.. a lot of new things i've learned & can be learned before my last day here

gonna miss here!!!wuargh...



Sunday, June 6, 2010



well, been to a crocodile park in Tuaran, recently..

memang banyak laaa crocodile kat situ.. we had fun there (my colleagues n i, 4 of us), thou we missed the show.. it wasn't a public holiday nor a show hour, so, not much visitors that time.. the person in charge there, we called them abangs, led us to the long house in the park n demo to us sumazau dance n game using the bamboo sticks (sorry cant remember ethnic mana yang punya dance or game)

also in the park, despite crocodiles, we could find deers, bearcats, carps, n also ostrich. the food to feed them can be bought next to their cage, rm1 per packet ;)

before we left, i was being tricked by my friend.. she kissed a real croc, on his body.. she tricked me to kiss his mouth.. n she did it.. well done, babe!!so, here's the pic..

*seriously, it was disgusting.. ntah.. geli semacam tengok kulit boye tuh.. asallaaa boleh terjebak ni..hampeh punye membe*

indeed, it was an experience ;)

ok laaa...


Friday, June 4, 2010

where is the LOVE~~~


latest i heard is about peace mission to Palestine.. orang nak selamatkan orang lain pon, kena bom?!! apa daaa...

fellas out there!!! while we busy wif our daily chores, trying to get more comfortable lifestyle, think of those who are struggling for their daily lives. regardless struggling for their land, food etc.. if you are not afford to give them money, well, at least, pray for them..

lets have a peaceful life..

May God bless us ;)


crocs lagi~~


its been a while..yeah, indeed, since my last entry.. there was a conspiracy regarding crocs logo, which it looks like the words 'Allah'..


for me, ada je yang nak porak perandakan orang Islam sendiri..for me, the person who started this stupido conspiracy is the 1 who try to porak perandakan islam sendiri.. yang tak sedar tuh, men ikut je.. ada yang boikot, ada yang tak.. bila dah muslim sendiri mula tunjukkan sedikit keretakan, sedarlah Muslimin Muslimat, yang ada syaitan waiting to enlarge the hole...

regarding this logo, just click here for further readings..

ni plak, pasal perbincangan kat my fb, n 1 of my fren gave his opinion

him : aku dh bc dh blog joegrimjow tu..lama dh bc..siap tgal komen lg..argument ori x ori xleh pkai..sbb aku ada croc ori.n logo croc kt insole sama dgn logo dlm gmbr yg ada kalimah Allah..kalo compare logo ori (picture kt website) dgn logo croc kt kasut (mold getah) of coz lah xsama..mana nk sama gmbr org lukis dgn mold getah..smua org yg still sokong ... See morecrocs..guna blog joe dgn status ustz 2 nk kalo ada blog lain n ustz lain yg xsokong crocs..cmana? xleh guna blog n status ustz utk buat aku sng je..wpun x nmpk mcm Allah ada rupa sket..better if still nk pkai..tpulanglah..

me :
dalam segala hal, kita kena rujuk pada yang pakar, esp bab2 agama..aku dah belek habis crocs yang ori both yang molded or bkn molded logo, baru aku terjumpa blog ni sbb awal2, ak dpt rasekan its more to sabotaj bisnes org len..pastu usha2, jumpe blog ni, n just thought of sharing knowledge.

islam haramkan... See more kita sabotaj bisnes halal orang len.regarding its logo, aku yakin yang logo tuh xde bentuk langsung cam nama Allah. dalam islam, segala yang syubhah, better tinggalkan. but aku YAKIN dgn pandangan aku, n reference ak.kalo btol crocs ni mmg ada niat songsang psl nak bring down islam, Allah akan tunjukkan. 1 day, insyaAllah..if ko jumpe any link yang benar2 n boleh meyakinkan crocs consumers, plz lemme know, k..

btw, just like other brand or company yang selalu disabotaj, dengan izin Allah, benda yang halal, Allah tolong conmpany tu nek blk ;)

so, wut do u think??
hurm ~_^


Monday, May 3, 2010

2 cups of a MiLk a Day


ogenki desuka?

i just had a cup of hot milk after days had a single cup of milk... sounds as if been months.. ahax~~

weLL, i always n MUST have at least a cup of milk everyday..but, when i started my practical here, i think, i only had 4 cups of milk within 16 days, thats including just now!!!hurm.. milk n calcium is necessary for frowth rite?

chup, if its including a bottle i drank when we visited to DESA milk factory in Kundasang last Saturday, that would be only 5 times i drank milk!!! *well, saje nak poyo that my friends & i went jalan-jalan some places in Sabah.. ehee*

the journey involved 5 of us..thats me, qiqi n adik-adik we just befriends at UMS..

we rent a students car, rm75 for a day, rm70 fuels for the whole journey..started journey from UMS
at 6am.. trust me, the morning is like its already 7.30am in, takdelaa gelap sangat.. reached the National Park around 8.10am.. then we climbed a lil to see from the waterfall view n we could see the peak of Mount Kinabalu.. its kinda sad coz we couldnt see the sun rising behind the peak.. if only we could reached there by 7am :(

then, we went to Poring Hot Springs.. memang best!!! but there were a lot of VISITORS!! we forgot that it was a public holiday *sigh*.. from there, we went to Sabah Tea Garden.. the view was awesome!!! moved on to Kampung Luanti which was just next to it for fish massaged..NICE!!!then we visited our adik-adiks friend at Ranau and finally we went to Desa Milk factory before we returned to KK =)

reached UMS by 6.45pm which it looks more like its already 8pm if we r in Peninsular..*ok, memang tak dapat nak sesuaikan diri lagi with the time here :(*

so, some pics to share ;))

few Kms

asked for the closed bathtubs for more privacy =)

tea pancake and teh-c ;
a must try menu at Sabah tea Garden

feeding the fish (ikan kelah) @ kampung luanti..

final stop!
fresh milk, please =))

thats it for our second Saturday in Sabah.. eheee


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

new chapTer.. ahax~~


its been awhile,aight? well, started my industrial training last tuesday ,20th April..

Qiqi n I came to Sabah on the 18th.. checked in Tune hotel, guess the cheapest hotel available, located nearest to UMS.. we hadn't confirmed where we could stay for our practical.. so, the best choice, checked in for a nite.. the next day, with heavy bags, we came straight to UMS, student affairs department, to plead for a r0om of 2 to stay for 10 weeks.. ok, we have to do our practical only for 10 weeks..

Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly since we got to Sabah..

we got a room for 2 the next day we came here.. they said our case is a special case.. maybe sebab muka and our background story kesian sangat relatives here, no place to stay if we dont get the hostel on the day, AKA we might sleep over kat tepi jalan kot?!!!owh, PLUS, we both are GIRLS, ok?!seriously, memang kitorang gamble je datang sini.. eheee

then, we got to rent a motorcycle here.. REMPIT baaaa!!! ehehee

we were assigned to aquarium department.. alhamdulillah, we got chances to improve our diving skill.. aquarium pon, aquarium laaa.. janji diving skills improved!! ehe..

ok,laaa... a few pictures to be shared ;)

6am, sunrising from my roomview

first day, formal attire...
can't do anything with such attire at the aquarium :(

2nd day, maintenance day
AKA diving skills improving day :P

turtle feeding everyday

a place to go at KK, Jeselton point

ok, going to Kundasang this Saturday with adik-adik kat UMS.. will update again LATERRR~~~~


Friday, April 16, 2010

wo ai ni ^x^


ni hao? ok, i'm still at home.. it's already FridAY, n the day after tomorrow is the day when i'm supposed to off from my house for practical *sedeyh tak bunyinye? sob.sob :'(*

the thing is, I HAVEN'T started packing my stuff YET!!!!ok, supposedly, tonite, i need to start packing my stuff.. but because tomorrow ade orang order makan, so, kenalaaa help out my mom preparing bahan-bahan masakan for tomorrow..takpelaaa.. mak lagi diutamakan.. ahax~~(alasan taknak start packing lagi, is it acceptable? :P)

ok, back to the title, "wo ai ni" means "i love u" in mandarin..this sentence is, guess i've been looonnnnnggggg waiting for.. not for myself, of coz!!ok, of coz i'm waiting the phrase from. someone i love, but not now!!! not yet!!!

it's about my parent. they've been married for about 25 years, n my dad said THAT to my mon, thru a phone call!!! before they ended the conversation.. but i think, my mom was still shy or sumthing she hung up before my dad finished the phone call!!! MAKKKK!!!!! i was with my dad that time.. somehow, i felt like it did sound funny.. heheee... but, deep inside, i feel glad when my non-romantic, egoistic dad said such words.. weeeeeee~~~

btw, my parents were arranged married.. so, of coz laaaa i'm very,very HAPPY!!!!!

OK laaaa...

need to help out my mom jap, before start packing my stuff.. huhuu




Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Ogenki desuka?

well, just got back from swimming.. feel a lil ease..

kinda tensed this morning.. so i went swimming in the afternoon.. just 5 mins motor riding from my house pon, jarang gak i went due to financial matter.. mahal kot, kalo nak compare ngan outdoor swimming pool kompleks sukan pahang.. dah laa kecik je.. tp, sebab cam dah lame tak swim, so i just went.. ehee...

not ready to go for my practical, sriusly... couldn't contact my supervisor there T__T

i'll try again tomorrow...paling koman pon, just let me confirm with my hostel matter first.. dont mind being assigned to any department..

haven't started packing stuff and all..


thinking of learning mandarin and japanese, tapi, not sure when to start....


k laaaa, need to visit nenek sedara yang sakit... jatuh katil.. cian laaa die.. huuuuu


Friday, April 9, 2010

hui lai ler


yup!yup!!! wo hui Lai ler.....

again.. ehee.. just 1 week, before my practical start...huuuhuuu...

haven't packed anything yet.. my rumate dah bising2 cuak and all.. i havent got the feeling yet.. but, i can feel its coming.. wuuuhuuuuuuu~~~~

ok... wanna enjoy lepaking at home.. i'm gonna optimize my 1 week break wisely.. KERJAAA bai... kang time practical, will look for a part time job.. duit tarak, cane nak survive woah...
kerja, kerja, KERJAAAAAA..... eheeee

ok, friends... hope we all succeed in the last final.. cuak gak.. result kua on 20th.. insyaAllah ok.. cuak.. cuak..... CUAKKKKKKKK!!!! nak practical,cuak.. result nak kua, LAGI laaaaaa CUAKKKKKK!!!!!!!!

OK, OK... anyway, wish u guys all the best to those yang sitting for their final exam skrg, and those who are going to the industrial training... GAMBAROU, ne?!


Friday, April 2, 2010



Hait.HAit... tadaimaaa~~*i'm home*

well, its kinda hectic at home.. its about time to rearrange my house.. plus, with loads of food orderings lately..rumah dah cam tongkang pecah.. but still, the feeling of being at home, is to put a word? macam2 pon boleh laaa... i LOVE being at home...

being homed for 2 days already.. yesterday, i received an invitation from my ex-schoolmate.. she's getting married tomorrow and tonite is her akad nikah.. ok, fine... sorang lagi dah lepas, weyh!!! anyway, congrats to syafika hamdan ;)

nothing much to be updated.. despite above matters *application of EOP laa plak.. ahax~0*,nak story sket ni.. penat je aku msg kat fb telling my friends that IF they wanna update or discuss sumthing, PLEASSSEEEE text me at hp, not at my fb account.. its kinda hard to online once i'm home.. sebab, 1st, ade banyak keje len..2nd, bole tengok tv, n MOST important is, I AM TOOOOO LAZY, ok... huhuuuu


tetibe lak rase sleepy


Monday, March 29, 2010



ogenki desuka?*how are u*

ok.. ok... sepatutnya, sekarang ni, aku tgh study.. tapi, srius tak dak mood langsung, ok?!! dah 2 bulan tak balik umah.. bumbung umah pon nampak kat gambo je.. wahhhhhh.... nampak tak betapa aku homesick?? memang pecah rekodlaaa.. nak dekat 2 bulan aku tak balik umah woah... kalo tak, sebulan tuh, smpi 2-3 gak aku balik, sampaikan member aku panggil aku PBSM (Persatuan BAlik uma Setiap Minggu).. pape laaa.. dah laa... dulik laaa orang nak kate ape.. aku sayang kot umah aku, family aku.. ehee.. eleee.. orang yang jarang balik umah tuh, bessenye sebab family jarang ade kat umah, or, orang yang die lebih sayang bukan berada di rumahnya.. maka, dengan ini, saya membuat rumusan bahwa, mereka memang tak suke dok umah... apelaaa korang ni.. isk.isk.isk...

ok, fine, tuka topik...perasan tak, time2 exam ni laaa, macam2 mende aneh2, kekacauan jiwa berlaku..

last week, sorang membe aku ni, tanya aku camane nak lari dari 'boya'.. dia tanya aku?! kalo aku, aku ngaku je laaa dah ade 'cik abe'. mumule die takut kot kalo orang len yang salah anggap, die cam tak setuju sangat.. last2, die ikut gak, ngaku dah ade cik abe..haish.. seb laaa.. alaaa.. no worries laaa.. bile, sape jodoh ko, dah ditentukan.. sooner or later, katner, orang mane pe sume, dah ketentuanNya.. so, chill laaa..sungguh pon ko kate die tinggi ke, ensem ke.. eheee

1 lagi cite, pasal adik aku.. die selalu gak on-off ngn so called teman tapi mesranya.. sekali tuh, last week kot, die tengah off ngan dak tuh, mak aku called. pastu, conversation kitorang pon jadi camni,

me : senang, jadi cam akak.. relax je.. focus kat study je *as if!!! aku pon tak dapat skor cam orang2 yang da berpunya..isk.. how pathetic :P*
mak : haaa yelah tuh...
me : yelaaa betol pe.. jangan fening2, kita chill je...
mak : haaa.. btollah tuh.. patut laaa ko makin gemuk

*ok, speechlesss....*


asal boleh laaa labu... janji bahagia..

k laaa.. gudluck exam feLLas...


Sunday, March 28, 2010



Today is my sis' c0nvocati0n day..c0ngrats,dik..she received her dipl0ma in electrical engineering fr0m Politeknik Merlimau,Melaka wiTh flying colors,alhamdulillah..currently doing her undergraduate study in the same course at UTHM.transfered her credit,she is scheduling to c0mplete her study a sem later than mine,insyaAllah.an0ther y0unger sis p0n,expected to be graduated in the same year like us,which is nex year,insyaAllah.

Ok,nak cite,aku tak dapat attend my sis c0nvo sebab tengah final..dah la last wik i missed my cousin's engagement june plak,i may b missing an0ther cousin's engagement or mayb her weds due to my practical..


Jap!!i missed SUJU AsianTour gak!thou i'm n0t kaki c0ncert,n memang xpernah g pape c0ncert,tapi,wouldn't it be better if i d0nt have FINAL exam n0w?!


Asal sume happen in this year?!nak j0in korang gak!!

N0t fair la camni!! :-(

Dah la..

Nak bawak diri yang bengang ni hadap cite jap la *alasan malas nak baca n0tes..hahaa*


Saturday, March 27, 2010



it's exam week, FinaL, ok... kepala aku tengah berserabut semacam... aku muntah 3 kali within 2 days.. kat exam hall, perut bunyi semacam, at least aku try not to vomit in the hall, n Congrats, i managed to hold it till i reached my room.. mentang-mentang exam mikrob semalam, kandungan mikrob dalam intestine n colon aku pon wat hal plak..


so i took 1 bottle of vitagen.. alhamdulillah, got much better today.. but stiLL, no Mood to study at ALL.... tried to study & i FeLt like, ok..... my brain is reaLLy craCking!!! dah dapat hint pon, bLe plak mende lain wat hal.. memang DUGAAN!!! isk...

Ya ALLaH ya tuhanku, TOLONGLAAAAA HAMBAMU DI MEDAN PERANG SOK!!! THE BATTLEFIELD OF 'POLLUTION'... my luvly stomach, please be kind to me.. i Love u, n will take a better care of u, ok.. pleaseee... huwaaaaaaa

aku yang pening,


Sunday, March 21, 2010



Bought sumthin' speciaL for s0me0ne speciaL,Though iTs kinda laTe.i'm preTtY sure she'll Like iT..its's painted batik kaft0n for my m0m.bukan cop painted punye,,its painted juz for her..ehe..her bufday was last m0nth.haven't went h0me yet since CNY break,aka havent met her yet for her bufday..i'l be h0me insyaALLah during 1 wik exam gap nex 2 wix.hou yeah.hou,will giv her d gift..

Final starts dis wednesday.
dakara,mina-san,gambarou ne?!<--in eng means,so,every0ne lets work hard,ok?!



Wednesday, March 17, 2010



well, posting both above and under waterworld of Perhentian Island!! though seniors who joined us said that Tenggol island is better with the services and all, i think, its worth the experience!!! congratulations to us sebab berjaya LULUS!!! hou yeah!hou yeah!!!

Life is fun! enjoy it, as long as it does not exceed the limit!! ^_^



Monday, March 15, 2010

lambat sket~~


what a Weekend i had!!! 3days, 3 nites.. departed from college, around 2am, Saturday. reached college back at 12am, tuesday..

went for licensing diving skill..


yet, AWESOME!!!!

well, of coz ENJOY!!!!!

THATs aLL i can say...

pictures are coming soon...



p/s: received 2 news on the way back to college yesterday. my friend's dad's passed away.. may he rest in peace! insyaALLah, Allah mengampuni dosa-dosanya, mencerahkan dan melapangkan kubur. AMIINNNN~~ takziah, miow

the 2nd news is, my closest cousin is getting engaged next weekend. heard, she most probably, the wedding will be in september. insyaAllah, everything will be according to plan.. congrats babe...*fine! aku dah terase mule tersisih.. ok!ok!! nanti aku carilaaa sorang..NANTI, ok..psiko tol! hahaa*

Thursday, March 11, 2010

wanted to


I am soooo wanted to post things i've been thru this fortnite.. but the thing is, i am toooooooo lazy to post the pic.. so, how leh? takpa laa... just upload it

ok2...mahalah's bowling tournament. my team, ASBOL

attended music workshop after rite after bowling tournament. learnt a few guitar chords. thanx tutors ;)

had a blast bufday. thanx to 'em... xoxoxo

went to beach, rite after bufday dinner

kuliyyah's bowling tournament. team ASBOL again but wif different teammates.

by the Way, my coursemate n i will gonna have another hectic, yet awesome WEEKEND!!!!! hou yeah!hou yeah!!! just pray that nothing happen during this weekend especiaLLy!!

Weeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~ ^_^

Ja~ Neeeee~~~~

it's really aJ H0m bOHut KhushEi ;)

Friday, February 26, 2010



ogenki desuka? well, i dunt feel real good tonite.. ok, i am emosionally unstable tonite.. few things happened tonite brought me into this kinda feeling.. sumtimes, i feeL Like i Hate myseLf.. then when i sat back, thinking the pros and cons, i feeL Like, I LOVE myself.. ehee... see, told ya, emosionally unstable..sekejap ok, sekejap tak ok.. eheee

weLL, i was asked on a situation, which i think, it involves many things and it is kinda complicated. so, my advice is,well, as a Muslim, i suggest u to perform solat sunat istikharah. this solat sunat shud be performed not only when u r making a decision when u r about to get married, but also when u r making a hard decision...when u r facing a problem, it is acTually a test from Him. so, we shud refer Him for guidance. u shud try your best shot to overcome the problem and ask Him to guide you..

"So verily, with the hardship, there is relief" trust in this ayah. He won't lie. InsyaAllah, sooner or later, u'll find the best answer for it ;)

owh yes! by the way, if u are facing a problem and need advice, seek from the knowledgable person, not from a 'friend' who only knew how to hurt u or backstabbing u. this world is cRueL with increasement abundancy of cRueL people *eceeeee.. just like a scientific statement plak.. ehe*



Sunday, February 21, 2010

ape nak buat?


its 3.21 in the morning.. stiLL can't sleep, wonder why.. perhaps, its because i've ate a lot for supper? tuh yang sampai sekarang stiLL can't sLeep.. i had supper wat 11+pm.. paling koman pon, by 3 dah rase a LiL sLeepy, at Least.. tuh yang rase cam dah mula nak meNgong tuh.. guess i will merepek tonite, though i've gradually quitting eating kerepek (tipu!!!! baru makan kerepek CNY arituh)

my friend & i completed our first proposal to be submitted tomorrow. thats for EOP.. i have another proposal to be done due on this tuesday, & thats for my skill class.

so, plan for tomorrow, i have class at 8.30 am, hopefully i can wake up early for the class. if not, i'm truly sorry. then, i have to find my lecturer in charge for our practical training regarding our supervisor.. i HAVE to!!! tunggang terbalik kang sampai sane kalo xdapat supervisor agi..

tetibe teringat pasal supervisor ni pon, coz i had nitemare last nite.. i had problems even before my flight. starting kat airport, sampai laa kat Sabah.. aduhai~~ my mom called me the other nite, before went to bed.. chup!! i was the one who called her.. tak kesah laaa.. she told me that if only i can do practical at home just like my sis did last time..bukan taknak, time study laa we have to learn more. dah kerja kang, people will expect more from us. time tuh baru nak tunggang langgang, lagi laa parah.. cian mak..sorry mak.. nanti pon, akak akan balik punye. insyaAllah.. ehee

so, Sabah, aku memang tak sabar nak ke sana sebab tak sabar nak abiskan my 3 months industrial training.. huhuu~~~ hope to learn a lot there!!!

pape hal pon, sok punye plan, nak jumpe pelbagai ragam orang. better be prepared!! *sok kena deal ngan orang yang kitorang nak submit proposal EOP. hope she is very friendly.. habis laa aku kalo tak.. sayor!!!*

nak merepek mende len actually, tapi, tangan dah letih, plus, i feel sleepy while bLogging.. hurm.. next time, if i can't sleep, i should staRt bLogging :P



Thursday, February 11, 2010



in the mood of bLogging.. FYI, its already 19mins past 3am.. i just got, this what i've been thru today..

woke up at 6.30am : bathed, subuh prayer, washed clothes
8.30am : started so called study for my nite's exam, while FB-ing.. obviously it is more to FB-ing rather than study the format for EOP (English for Occupational Purposes, requires me to memorize format.. owh, i hate it..) thought it covered all format so i was so tensed
9.00am : ny friend told me that only a few, A FEW format will come out.. i was sooooo happy cuz i dunt have to memorize everything *wink!wink!*
10.30am : received forwarded msg from my telling that our morning class is canceled, aka, we dunt have any class nor lab today!! yeay!! at last!! feels kinda release..
noon : a friend asked me to go out to have a LiL fun though she hasnt finished studying.. ok, fine.. we went out with the other 2 girls. we were so hungry. we have to eat ok!! *alasan nak keluar*
5pm : reached my room.. continued studying
6pm : sent my friend to bus terminal.. she's going home cuz she's not taking subject that i have the exam tonite.
8pm : scolded by my friends for causing them late to the exam.. sorry babes.. on the other hand, my family just left home to pick me
10.30pm : hungry again after the exam, so went out.. thanx to mun for giving a ride to TAJ for supper. called my sis, she told us that they are still in muadzam
11.15pm : my mom called telling me they are already at Gambang! so soon! so went bak
11.30pm : my mom called again telling they are already at the entrance, n i haven't performed my isya' prayer.. kalut!!
11.45pm : departed from UIA Kuantan. my sis still insisted to drive (been driving all the way to Kuantan from BAtu Pahat, Johor)
1.37am : my sis is kinda sleepy, so we exchanged the driver.. my sis and i. i drove from segamat
2.57am : reached home in BP.. huhuu..

so, tonite's journey : BP - Kuantan - BP = 7 hours.. how's it? pretty fast, aite.. bese laa.. my sis.. though she's younger a year than me, i think she's tougher than me.. hehee

wokeyh.. done with reporting


aJ HOm bOHut KhushEi~~~
btw, happy HoLiday~~~~

Wednesday, February 10, 2010



Tonite is a very, extremely boring nite coz i have no mood to study, yet i have to force myself to coz tomorrow is the exam day!!! so, i read thru some blogs and found an entry on dates.. reblogging from a blog,

"When it comes to eating dates, we always do so only during Ramadhan. Outside of Ramadhan we never eat dates"

yup its true.. i think most of Malaysian teenagers dont really like to eat dates. in Ramadhan, we are pushed to eat it bcoz it is said to be nutritious, gives us energy while fasting. indeed, it is very nutritious. if not, why did our Prophet practice it not only in the fasting month but thru out the year? so, as i ponder, i'm trying to practice a result, its very good for my digestion.. eheee :))

i loved to eat junkies especially kerepek, and i'm pretty sure, most girLs love junkies. I know it's a bad diet, not a healthy one. yes, i STILL love it!! however, i guess, this may be the coz for me being a Little passive last time.. i've changed my diet (bukan diet in terms of nak kurus, ok.. i know, i'm fat. so, i DON'T CARE!!!).. i've replaced my junkies stock in my room with dates and JACOB's Low Salt Hi-Fibre biscuit.. sometimes, if i'm craving for the junkies, i still bought it..eheee.. mane boleh stop in a shot, rite?so, make it slowly, so that i can practice it in a long run :))



aJ HOm bOHut KhushEi~~~~

Monday, February 8, 2010

eNGLisH, anyone?


ok, i recorded my karaoke song, an english song.. it was terrible coz i just realized that my english pronounciation is getting worse.. urgh!!! what have i done all this while? ok, fine! might be due to the big influence of K-POP.. so, now, i'm watching MErLin.. hopefuLLY it'll help me in my EOP, at least.. heeee.. i have mid-sem exam this thursday,ok? will i make it? urgh!! *depress*
ok.ok.. aLL the BEsT, shiNo!!!



aJ HOm bOHut KhushEi~~

p/s: i just realized another thing.. i like to talk crap! hahaa.. like in a Malay phrase, which my sis often made speciaLLy for me when i started talking crap, "kak, ko nie suka merepek. terlebih makan kerepek eh?" its more to rhythm, actually.. kerepek = Malay snacks

Thursday, February 4, 2010

citer lame~~


Its been awhile.. yup.. i was completing my reports when i miss my old time friends.. so, i went thorough fb, and found many of ex-schoolmates.. i felt like, people have changed! a lot, babe!!! ok, fine.. MOST of them, not ALL..

1 of my babe is leaving Malaysia next week.sadLy, i can't even see her off. my cousin has aqiqah for his twins. if i don't go there, bising la pulak my dad.. sooo sorry LahLing.. No worries! I'll spare time for your engagement day.. but make sure u do it after my industrial training time, ok.. errr... PLEASSSSEEEEEEEEEE...... :D

ok, going home this Thursday, right after my EOP mid-term.. wish i could do my best.. wish u GuYS ALL THE BEST for the exam this week... Chiayou!!


aJ H0m bOHut KhushEi~~

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last minute


Bile kerja dibuat last minit,ni la jadinye.tangguh punye tangguh,last-last sakit kepala nak setelkan sume in 1 shot.haish~~bile la aku nak buang bad habbit nieyh..

This week will be a l0ng week,scheduled as bel0w:
M0nday : midterm exam microbes + skill class aka terpaksa miss nak gi swim :(
Tuesday : fieldwork at an estuary,if the weather is ok.insyaAllah
Wednesday : presentati0n+submit nrm rep0rt
Thursday : submit lab rep0rt+assignmen
Friday : midterm exam ocean0 + submit repot plankt0n + BALIK RUMAH!!!

Rasenye,banyak-banyak ni,i just cant wait to be h0me je..waLLLaAaaaa

Takpe,kitorang start midterm dulu.takde r penat sangat nak pulun time midterm break kang..*nak pujuk diri kunun.kerja melambak woah*

Anyway,gudluck sume~


Thursday, January 14, 2010



Well, supposedly, despite skill class, i have neither class nor lab for today.. but then, because of lack of lab apparatus during the exact, scheduled lab yesterday, qiqi n I have to finish our lab work..

we went there after our lunch.. as we missed the 3pm bus, we have to walk to the lab. the rain started falling as we almost reached there.. tak pe laaaa redha je laaaa... then, when we reached there, we found out that the apparatus is not available. a senior was using it for his Final Year Project(FYP).. nak tunggu, he might finished in a short time.Wallaaaaaa.... penat woah.. baru sampai, dah kena, nak tak nak, we walked back to our hostel.. students yang drove car pon didn't willing to give us a ride.. selalunya, ada je laaa orang nak tumpangkan..fine, i know.. we should not be expecting lucky things to happen all the time, aite?

we bought pisang goreng, konon-konon nak makan while waiting for the labwork.. but we ended up eating at cafe, sitting at the same seating for our lunch previously..

dah my lab partner sorang nie bising nak drive kete balik.. naseb laa qiqi.. ehee..

hurm...looks like we have to come to lab again tomorrow..