Saturday, December 18, 2010

new Sem


hisashiburi!!! its been awHiLE~~ yup! maLAs nak update my Blog ni..

the mood just came when my cousin called me...

i broke my phone few months back n lost most contacts.. my cousin called me out of blue asking me about gastric patients diet.. sory dude.. dunno much.. i jus know that we shud eat at the correct time.. well, at least a piece of cracker..janji ada mende masuk to avoid more acid corroding our intestinal epithelium cells..eheee...

didn't expect dia boleh kena gastric sebab as far as i know, dia ni pemakan.. hurm.. tu laaa.. sape suh makan tak kena time.. skip breakfast agi :P

k laaa.. makan ikut timing sendiri, with reasonable amount.. isk.isk..

anyway, wishing the Best of Luck to all IIUMian for this new semester... frens, lets Try our BesT for our FinaL semesTer here, as an undergrad student!!! Gambarou!!!



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