Saturday, June 20, 2009

boWLiNg ^-^


WeLL, a Little upDaTe bouT me.. ngee~~
I wenT bowLing today with my friEnds.. Dah Lame xLepak ngan membe ramai2 camni.. Lagi Lama xLepak Main BowLing.. My Last Time Lepak BoWLing pon, time Wajiha datang KuanTan..When was it? hurm.. sumtime in last january?? or february?so i threw baLLs main henTam ASboL je r.. at Least, masuk Longkang for twice je for 2SeTs of game.. hahaa...*ada sedikit kebanggaan di sini.harap maaf* Yang Paling xbLe Blah, wani n i did sumthing nonsence..guess wat? we Threw baLL just like how Phua Chu Kang did.. just like roLLing a waterMELon, for once.. hehe... Then, the others was Like,"sihin, tolong laaa.. jangan buat lagi..." tapi, orang xramai sgt pon, chill laaa.. hahaaa.. we did have sooo much fun.. thanx gurls... haaa.. biLe lagi nak hang out pasnie? yang penting, before new sem begins Laa.. chaLLo~~~~

k Laaa..


aJ H0m bOHut KhushEi~~~


Friday, June 12, 2009

ManneRs, pLease...



how r ya?
hurm... reaLLy its been a long time ince my last entry.. huhu...
weLL, i think, i'm pretty pissed off yesterday...

i was in a shopping complex when this middle-aged guy sneezed. what makes me pissed off is he didn't even say sorry or at least praised Allah(he's a Muslim and he supposed to praise Allah after sneeze), after sneezing almost near to my face.. i know he didn't mean to sneeze direct to my face, but at least, he could face the other side which no one would pass there..

and say SORRY... c'mon laaa... have a little manners.. my antibody is low and i'm kinda suffocated after he sneezed..dah laa sekarang nie tengah musim segala jenis flu.. scary seyh..however, sebab pikirkan pakcik tuh, a pakcik, i didn't say a word and just waLked away, suffocatedly..



aJ H0m bOHut KhushEi~~~