Sunday, January 30, 2011

mid Break


its been awhile, aite? i'm a panicky.. OK?! lots of thing happened, to start my new year.. cracked my head, pray more (yang sunat laa... yang wajib, insyaAllah terjaga lagi).. then i solved my things.. end of dat story..

since this semester i only have 1 class per week,so i back & forth kuantan n Johor, weekly.. 1 wik in Kuantan, n 1 wik in Johor & so now, finished my lab work, & homed for mid term break..feeling great after completing the lab work.. so now, can focus on my thesis pulak.. hou yeah!hou yeah!!

For my FYP, so far, alhamdulillah, everything still according to plan.. gonna start my thesis early Feb insyaAllah.. praying for the best for my result presentation & thesis. YOSHHH!!!!!

sampling; credits to them

paling tak boleh blah, kena tolak van yang terselut dalam pasir pantai.. tuh laa.. sape suh tak bawk pajero



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