Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nasi kandaq 1

Well,i was in kuantan 0n friday m0rning, n at nite @ bp.the next nite, my family n 1 were already in PenANg..huhu~~
After terawih,my family was exhAusted bcoz of the 8hours in the cAr :-(. But my sisters n i decided to 'pi mai pi mai tang tu' around d island..n d 3 of us went out n sorta 'tang tu juga kami mai',reached our ro0m around 2+ in d m0rning.so,we had d free sahur rite away.ai.ai..
The next day,we went SHOPPING!!! hahahaa..kami p mana laie,p penang road la..n a shopping mall there..well of coz m0st of our time spent in d mall.haHAHaa..

at nite,we tried this Nasi Kandar Beratur (pron0unced as nasi kandaq beratuq..i guess..hee),heard it's d best in town for years.wat special about this stall is,u have to q to buy d nasi kandar..n its worthy 4 d l0ng q!nyum!nyum!!

We went h0me d next day..

K la..

SelamAT beRpuaSA..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

2nd cake

Ogenji desuka?
Qiqi lied 2 me..kunun nk bagi bufday kek kt rum8 kunun..nak wat surprised upenye.thanx a lot qi.mmg surprised..ha3..
S0nak perut den buke kek..sodap~~
Those i'vd promised tuh,Jgn lupe eh tuntut pas raye..ehe..
But before break,lets break a leg 4 natural product s0k!!

Selamat berPuasa sume~~