Wednesday, August 26, 2009



how r ya?

weLL, i went out wif my ex-rumate when i was in CENFOS PJ... we had iftar a little late coz i had a skill class..supposedly we went out by 6pm coz we need to book a place for iftar... alang-alang da lambat, we just iftar around 8.. of coz r buke ringan-ringan dulu.. at 8 we reached to a restaurant, there was a pakcik who waved his hand & said sumthing... memang xpaham.. i think he said sumthing like, the restaurant has closed, balik je la... we didn't care much... dari kebulur nak cari tempat, baek redah je.. so, got into the restaurant & aLhamduLiLLah, the food was still avaiLabLe..orang KeLuar, kiTorang masuk... yang passed by us tuh, tenGok semacam je.. ek eneeee~~

food was avaiLabLe, orDer & MARI MAKAN!!!!
hou yeah!hou yeah!!! serious order tamak.. i think we were suppose to bring more friends.. mmg sesuai utk 4 org pnye makan, kitorang makan utk 2 orang.. so, mmg mkn haLf portion je, the rest, TAPAU, bagi rumates.. hahaaa...

tabLe for 2 ke??

byknye Lauk~~heee

senyum cket~~

then, we wenT to TeLuk CemPedak for shooTing...she Loves shooTing.. Thou the nite was very dark, and hujan renyai-renyai kejap-kejap.. we were there for about 2 hours just to take piCs..

niK & babynye
*geLeng kepala*
penat Tau Tunggu..haha.. juz kidding

aT LeasT she made sumThing for me
*senyum sampai ke TeLinga*


pasni, ade kerJa tErTangguH awaits, so, Need to CompLete it aSap...
tetiba rase, MALASNYE~~~~

hurm... chiayou chin, chiayou!!!!
*miss Sa'aT.. i aLways said this to her duRing SPM*
daH!dah! cuT iT! get move babe!! hahaaa

k Laa..

seLamaT beRpuAsa...

aJ H0m bOHut KhushEi~~~~


Monday, August 24, 2009

aHLan wa SahLan YA RamADHan~~~


How r you? Its aLreaDy 4th RamAdHan aka dah 4 ari r KiTe BerPuasa..

sooo Many things to be UpdaTed... again~~~ *~*

Yesterdays's quiz was postponed...dunNo tiLL when.. hopefuLLy not Today.. ehee..
& my cLass thiS MorNing is canCelled..
hou yeah!hou yeah!!

too Lazy to write banyak2...bulan pose nie, paham2 sudey..ehe... Pics describe thousands woRds, kan..Guess Pics LEbih senaNG,kan? updating hahaa...taPi, nak mengUpLoad pic tuh pon... urgh.. memang btOL2 menguJi keTahanan orang BerPuasa.. hahaa..

Lets tRy upLoading the piCs

buying textboox

during our Lab, making an essence

one of the Lakes we went for water sampLing..
ps: as a result, air nie, mmg
KURANG bersih..


then wacKos had a workshop and also ifTar (breaK Fast)

new boards yang sengal...
ps: sorang je monyok sbb tgh pk 2 quizzes on the next day :P

marKeTing & ProMoTion dePartMent (MaNAp)

YES!!!!dapat gak upload picS
hou yeah!hou yeah!!!

onLy WacKos workshop we had in Ramadhan.. dah terpakse, due to H1N1 curfew a week before.. :( yang lain sume i had before RamaDhan.. aNyway, we had fun, thou the next day most of us were having quizzes..

WeLL done guys!!!

seLamaT Berpuasa
may seGaLa amaLan Kita diTerima ALLAH ;)

ps: to kema, semoga cepat sembuh ya... makan n minum mende2 berkhasiat.. get well soon.. aku RINDUUUUUUU kamu


aJ H0m bOHut KhushEi....


Saturday, August 1, 2009




a Few days ago, one of my lecturer told us that bLoggers are sick minded person..

nande sore?

she toLd us that she used to read her students blogs.. i think, she is also a blogger.. she just didnt mention it.hehe.. i'm still looking for her link.. hehe.. nak tau gak her thoughts. ok, acT, she Told us that there's one of her students , ntah pape yang she posted. mmg laa, da namenye pon, blog.. its personal.. i think miss bengang coz that 'sick-minded' student talked bad about her other lecturer and even mentioned the name in her blog.. in other entry, she posted pic of a cracked HEEL of a waitress of a coffee house she went... apakah patut?

personaL bLog, mmg laa boleh post wuteva we want.. its just it'll be better for the reader to read sumthing better like knowledge ke, pape ke.. much better then asyik nak kutuk orang je... no one is perfect in this world.. trust me, u wont be respected unless u respect other people...

anywaY, not ALL bLoggers are sick minded person.. orang sekarang, smakin ramai yang mengalami tekanan perasaan.. but still u can learn many things from some bLogs like learning on how not to avoid backbiting ke, respect other people, give n take in liFe.. thou sounds easy, trust me, its pretty hard to do it.. especiaLLy mengumpat.. xsedar punye r kalo dah bergossip.. hahaa

i guess, this entry is a LiL emo la.. hahaa..


aJ Hom b0Hut KhushEi........