Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ayus kat bp

Lame gaL ak x update bl0g.m0dem prob,pyh nk 0nline.hp pLak,xbLE upLoad bL0g gak..*sigh*
Anyway,my exrum8 of cenf0s came 2 my house bout 3 wix ago.surprised n so0o GLad..never t0t she would c0me 2 my house..
Tq AYUS~do c0me again. g0nna miz ya..muahx

Thursday, May 14, 2009

0n t0p

WeLL,d0ne preTTy much things LatELy..
My ex-rum8 came 2 my houze last week..was so0 excitd when she caLLed teLLing me that shes c0ming..never t0t that she'l c0me 2 my houze.Love ya babe..thank u so0o much..
It was 2 weex ago..n0w i'm @ top of d peak of gunung dad have work PA,ikut je la..
K laa..