Wednesday, April 28, 2010

new chapTer.. ahax~~


its been awhile,aight? well, started my industrial training last tuesday ,20th April..

Qiqi n I came to Sabah on the 18th.. checked in Tune hotel, guess the cheapest hotel available, located nearest to UMS.. we hadn't confirmed where we could stay for our practical.. so, the best choice, checked in for a nite.. the next day, with heavy bags, we came straight to UMS, student affairs department, to plead for a r0om of 2 to stay for 10 weeks.. ok, we have to do our practical only for 10 weeks..

Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly since we got to Sabah..

we got a room for 2 the next day we came here.. they said our case is a special case.. maybe sebab muka and our background story kesian sangat relatives here, no place to stay if we dont get the hostel on the day, AKA we might sleep over kat tepi jalan kot?!!!owh, PLUS, we both are GIRLS, ok?!seriously, memang kitorang gamble je datang sini.. eheee

then, we got to rent a motorcycle here.. REMPIT baaaa!!! ehehee

we were assigned to aquarium department.. alhamdulillah, we got chances to improve our diving skill.. aquarium pon, aquarium laaa.. janji diving skills improved!! ehe..

ok,laaa... a few pictures to be shared ;)

6am, sunrising from my roomview

first day, formal attire...
can't do anything with such attire at the aquarium :(

2nd day, maintenance day
AKA diving skills improving day :P

turtle feeding everyday

a place to go at KK, Jeselton point

ok, going to Kundasang this Saturday with adik-adik kat UMS.. will update again LATERRR~~~~


Friday, April 16, 2010

wo ai ni ^x^


ni hao? ok, i'm still at home.. it's already FridAY, n the day after tomorrow is the day when i'm supposed to off from my house for practical *sedeyh tak bunyinye? sob.sob :'(*

the thing is, I HAVEN'T started packing my stuff YET!!!!ok, supposedly, tonite, i need to start packing my stuff.. but because tomorrow ade orang order makan, so, kenalaaa help out my mom preparing bahan-bahan masakan for tomorrow..takpelaaa.. mak lagi diutamakan.. ahax~~(alasan taknak start packing lagi, is it acceptable? :P)

ok, back to the title, "wo ai ni" means "i love u" in mandarin..this sentence is, guess i've been looonnnnnggggg waiting for.. not for myself, of coz!!ok, of coz i'm waiting the phrase from. someone i love, but not now!!! not yet!!!

it's about my parent. they've been married for about 25 years, n my dad said THAT to my mon, thru a phone call!!! before they ended the conversation.. but i think, my mom was still shy or sumthing she hung up before my dad finished the phone call!!! MAKKKK!!!!! i was with my dad that time.. somehow, i felt like it did sound funny.. heheee... but, deep inside, i feel glad when my non-romantic, egoistic dad said such words.. weeeeeee~~~

btw, my parents were arranged married.. so, of coz laaaa i'm very,very HAPPY!!!!!

OK laaaa...

need to help out my mom jap, before start packing my stuff.. huhuu




Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Ogenki desuka?

well, just got back from swimming.. feel a lil ease..

kinda tensed this morning.. so i went swimming in the afternoon.. just 5 mins motor riding from my house pon, jarang gak i went due to financial matter.. mahal kot, kalo nak compare ngan outdoor swimming pool kompleks sukan pahang.. dah laa kecik je.. tp, sebab cam dah lame tak swim, so i just went.. ehee...

not ready to go for my practical, sriusly... couldn't contact my supervisor there T__T

i'll try again tomorrow...paling koman pon, just let me confirm with my hostel matter first.. dont mind being assigned to any department..

haven't started packing stuff and all..


thinking of learning mandarin and japanese, tapi, not sure when to start....


k laaaa, need to visit nenek sedara yang sakit... jatuh katil.. cian laaa die.. huuuuu


Friday, April 9, 2010

hui lai ler


yup!yup!!! wo hui Lai ler.....

again.. ehee.. just 1 week, before my practical start...huuuhuuu...

haven't packed anything yet.. my rumate dah bising2 cuak and all.. i havent got the feeling yet.. but, i can feel its coming.. wuuuhuuuuuuu~~~~

ok... wanna enjoy lepaking at home.. i'm gonna optimize my 1 week break wisely.. KERJAAA bai... kang time practical, will look for a part time job.. duit tarak, cane nak survive woah...
kerja, kerja, KERJAAAAAA..... eheeee

ok, friends... hope we all succeed in the last final.. cuak gak.. result kua on 20th.. insyaAllah ok.. cuak.. cuak..... CUAKKKKKKKK!!!! nak practical,cuak.. result nak kua, LAGI laaaaaa CUAKKKKKK!!!!!!!!

OK, OK... anyway, wish u guys all the best to those yang sitting for their final exam skrg, and those who are going to the industrial training... GAMBAROU, ne?!


Friday, April 2, 2010



Hait.HAit... tadaimaaa~~*i'm home*

well, its kinda hectic at home.. its about time to rearrange my house.. plus, with loads of food orderings lately..rumah dah cam tongkang pecah.. but still, the feeling of being at home, is to put a word? macam2 pon boleh laaa... i LOVE being at home...

being homed for 2 days already.. yesterday, i received an invitation from my ex-schoolmate.. she's getting married tomorrow and tonite is her akad nikah.. ok, fine... sorang lagi dah lepas, weyh!!! anyway, congrats to syafika hamdan ;)

nothing much to be updated.. despite above matters *application of EOP laa plak.. ahax~0*,nak story sket ni.. penat je aku msg kat fb telling my friends that IF they wanna update or discuss sumthing, PLEASSSEEEE text me at hp, not at my fb account.. its kinda hard to online once i'm home.. sebab, 1st, ade banyak keje len..2nd, bole tengok tv, n MOST important is, I AM TOOOOO LAZY, ok... huhuuuu


tetibe lak rase sleepy