Friday, February 26, 2010



ogenki desuka? well, i dunt feel real good tonite.. ok, i am emosionally unstable tonite.. few things happened tonite brought me into this kinda feeling.. sumtimes, i feeL Like i Hate myseLf.. then when i sat back, thinking the pros and cons, i feeL Like, I LOVE myself.. ehee... see, told ya, emosionally unstable..sekejap ok, sekejap tak ok.. eheee

weLL, i was asked on a situation, which i think, it involves many things and it is kinda complicated. so, my advice is,well, as a Muslim, i suggest u to perform solat sunat istikharah. this solat sunat shud be performed not only when u r making a decision when u r about to get married, but also when u r making a hard decision...when u r facing a problem, it is acTually a test from Him. so, we shud refer Him for guidance. u shud try your best shot to overcome the problem and ask Him to guide you..

"So verily, with the hardship, there is relief" trust in this ayah. He won't lie. InsyaAllah, sooner or later, u'll find the best answer for it ;)

owh yes! by the way, if u are facing a problem and need advice, seek from the knowledgable person, not from a 'friend' who only knew how to hurt u or backstabbing u. this world is cRueL with increasement abundancy of cRueL people *eceeeee.. just like a scientific statement plak.. ehe*



Sunday, February 21, 2010

ape nak buat?


its 3.21 in the morning.. stiLL can't sleep, wonder why.. perhaps, its because i've ate a lot for supper? tuh yang sampai sekarang stiLL can't sLeep.. i had supper wat 11+pm.. paling koman pon, by 3 dah rase a LiL sLeepy, at Least.. tuh yang rase cam dah mula nak meNgong tuh.. guess i will merepek tonite, though i've gradually quitting eating kerepek (tipu!!!! baru makan kerepek CNY arituh)

my friend & i completed our first proposal to be submitted tomorrow. thats for EOP.. i have another proposal to be done due on this tuesday, & thats for my skill class.

so, plan for tomorrow, i have class at 8.30 am, hopefully i can wake up early for the class. if not, i'm truly sorry. then, i have to find my lecturer in charge for our practical training regarding our supervisor.. i HAVE to!!! tunggang terbalik kang sampai sane kalo xdapat supervisor agi..

tetibe teringat pasal supervisor ni pon, coz i had nitemare last nite.. i had problems even before my flight. starting kat airport, sampai laa kat Sabah.. aduhai~~ my mom called me the other nite, before went to bed.. chup!! i was the one who called her.. tak kesah laaa.. she told me that if only i can do practical at home just like my sis did last time..bukan taknak, time study laa we have to learn more. dah kerja kang, people will expect more from us. time tuh baru nak tunggang langgang, lagi laa parah.. cian mak..sorry mak.. nanti pon, akak akan balik punye. insyaAllah.. ehee

so, Sabah, aku memang tak sabar nak ke sana sebab tak sabar nak abiskan my 3 months industrial training.. huhuu~~~ hope to learn a lot there!!!

pape hal pon, sok punye plan, nak jumpe pelbagai ragam orang. better be prepared!! *sok kena deal ngan orang yang kitorang nak submit proposal EOP. hope she is very friendly.. habis laa aku kalo tak.. sayor!!!*

nak merepek mende len actually, tapi, tangan dah letih, plus, i feel sleepy while bLogging.. hurm.. next time, if i can't sleep, i should staRt bLogging :P



Thursday, February 11, 2010



in the mood of bLogging.. FYI, its already 19mins past 3am.. i just got, this what i've been thru today..

woke up at 6.30am : bathed, subuh prayer, washed clothes
8.30am : started so called study for my nite's exam, while FB-ing.. obviously it is more to FB-ing rather than study the format for EOP (English for Occupational Purposes, requires me to memorize format.. owh, i hate it..) thought it covered all format so i was so tensed
9.00am : ny friend told me that only a few, A FEW format will come out.. i was sooooo happy cuz i dunt have to memorize everything *wink!wink!*
10.30am : received forwarded msg from my telling that our morning class is canceled, aka, we dunt have any class nor lab today!! yeay!! at last!! feels kinda release..
noon : a friend asked me to go out to have a LiL fun though she hasnt finished studying.. ok, fine.. we went out with the other 2 girls. we were so hungry. we have to eat ok!! *alasan nak keluar*
5pm : reached my room.. continued studying
6pm : sent my friend to bus terminal.. she's going home cuz she's not taking subject that i have the exam tonite.
8pm : scolded by my friends for causing them late to the exam.. sorry babes.. on the other hand, my family just left home to pick me
10.30pm : hungry again after the exam, so went out.. thanx to mun for giving a ride to TAJ for supper. called my sis, she told us that they are still in muadzam
11.15pm : my mom called telling me they are already at Gambang! so soon! so went bak
11.30pm : my mom called again telling they are already at the entrance, n i haven't performed my isya' prayer.. kalut!!
11.45pm : departed from UIA Kuantan. my sis still insisted to drive (been driving all the way to Kuantan from BAtu Pahat, Johor)
1.37am : my sis is kinda sleepy, so we exchanged the driver.. my sis and i. i drove from segamat
2.57am : reached home in BP.. huhuu..

so, tonite's journey : BP - Kuantan - BP = 7 hours.. how's it? pretty fast, aite.. bese laa.. my sis.. though she's younger a year than me, i think she's tougher than me.. hehee

wokeyh.. done with reporting


aJ HOm bOHut KhushEi~~~
btw, happy HoLiday~~~~

Wednesday, February 10, 2010



Tonite is a very, extremely boring nite coz i have no mood to study, yet i have to force myself to coz tomorrow is the exam day!!! so, i read thru some blogs and found an entry on dates.. reblogging from a blog,

"When it comes to eating dates, we always do so only during Ramadhan. Outside of Ramadhan we never eat dates"

yup its true.. i think most of Malaysian teenagers dont really like to eat dates. in Ramadhan, we are pushed to eat it bcoz it is said to be nutritious, gives us energy while fasting. indeed, it is very nutritious. if not, why did our Prophet practice it not only in the fasting month but thru out the year? so, as i ponder, i'm trying to practice a result, its very good for my digestion.. eheee :))

i loved to eat junkies especially kerepek, and i'm pretty sure, most girLs love junkies. I know it's a bad diet, not a healthy one. yes, i STILL love it!! however, i guess, this may be the coz for me being a Little passive last time.. i've changed my diet (bukan diet in terms of nak kurus, ok.. i know, i'm fat. so, i DON'T CARE!!!).. i've replaced my junkies stock in my room with dates and JACOB's Low Salt Hi-Fibre biscuit.. sometimes, if i'm craving for the junkies, i still bought it..eheee.. mane boleh stop in a shot, rite?so, make it slowly, so that i can practice it in a long run :))



aJ HOm bOHut KhushEi~~~~

Monday, February 8, 2010

eNGLisH, anyone?


ok, i recorded my karaoke song, an english song.. it was terrible coz i just realized that my english pronounciation is getting worse.. urgh!!! what have i done all this while? ok, fine! might be due to the big influence of K-POP.. so, now, i'm watching MErLin.. hopefuLLY it'll help me in my EOP, at least.. heeee.. i have mid-sem exam this thursday,ok? will i make it? urgh!! *depress*
ok.ok.. aLL the BEsT, shiNo!!!



aJ HOm bOHut KhushEi~~

p/s: i just realized another thing.. i like to talk crap! hahaa.. like in a Malay phrase, which my sis often made speciaLLy for me when i started talking crap, "kak, ko nie suka merepek. terlebih makan kerepek eh?" its more to rhythm, actually.. kerepek = Malay snacks

Thursday, February 4, 2010

citer lame~~


Its been awhile.. yup.. i was completing my reports when i miss my old time friends.. so, i went thorough fb, and found many of ex-schoolmates.. i felt like, people have changed! a lot, babe!!! ok, fine.. MOST of them, not ALL..

1 of my babe is leaving Malaysia next week.sadLy, i can't even see her off. my cousin has aqiqah for his twins. if i don't go there, bising la pulak my dad.. sooo sorry LahLing.. No worries! I'll spare time for your engagement day.. but make sure u do it after my industrial training time, ok.. errr... PLEASSSSEEEEEEEEEE...... :D

ok, going home this Thursday, right after my EOP mid-term.. wish i could do my best.. wish u GuYS ALL THE BEST for the exam this week... Chiayou!!


aJ H0m bOHut KhushEi~~