Thursday, January 22, 2009



ok, this entry is dedicated to wani jaini, wani husin n akmaliah aka kema..
thou kema xdpt nk bantu pape, tp, still da banyak menyusahkan kema..
showiee ek...
thanx to wani husin sebab tolong antakan
thanx to wani jaini aka anNamlatun..hehe
tq korang...
sebab tolong aku submitkan report...
lega sket noo...

n sorry to im..u have to listen to my nagging...
huk2...tq for being there though terpaksa..hahaa..
best of luck to u too..
i'l pray that u'll get the job..insyaAllah...

thank you soo much frens...
till then..

aJ Hom BoHut KhusHei...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm posting the result ni.qi,jgn byk lg 1 gambo tp,cam dis 1 is better.ours r 10-13 c0lumn.ladder r kn?r0w bel0w.kalo ade pape,tanye je r.agak2 xphm,kite c0nsult ngn kak e.g ke,bro.c0rtez ke.tak p0n,trus direct ngn dr.raj.huhu..
Psl recipe tu,i'l p0st entry len.ehe..
Wokeyh.thats all f0r n0w.0n my way back to bp..skali sebas lak ngn k.a.wat a c0incidence.huhu..
Aj Hom Bohut Khusyei..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well, its been a long time since my last post..a few things happened recently..
first of all,
cite pasal farewell party kema..
siyus i'm regretting sebab xsempat jumpe my old fren tuh when she left coz i went sumwhere.sory kema..xsempat nk bg ko card... pnat ak wat tau..huhu..xpe2..ak da bg kat qiqi pon..huhu..wish u the best of luck in ur new course..

SCIENCESS 8th Gass was a great nite..thou it wasnt sooo happening, but to welcome our newcomers, we tried our best. Well done to all committees, performers (abg+akak kompang),mentors from FACI team,lecturers and those who involved in the GASS nite...Thank you soo much for your cooperation..We had this task kinda last minute to be approved, we tried our best and we've done the best..sorry atas segala kekurangan,kesilapan and keterlanjuran kata, everything yang x puas ati throughout the preparation till the nite itself..sorry sgt..hopefully the next group of GASS nite committees could improve wat is lack from the program..

3rdly, i went home last friday due to personal matter.ok..i skipped sum classes..gomen~~
so, i was in kuantan in the morning, afternoon in bp.the next day, morning in bp, afternoon in jb, n evening in bp back. on the other day (sunday) i was in bp in the morning, n in kuantan in the afternoon..percaya x?u better believe it..its not a surprising matter coz i used to be such even during semester break..penat?dah bese..xrase sgt pn.. i only have a really break once i 'condemn'..mmg xboleh bgn r..tido half day..tuh kire da pancet r,kire kerap gak r..mase cuti 3 months arituh, ada gak r tumbang dlm 5 times. hahaa..bgn tido, segar smcm..hehe..alhamdulillah..

lastly, i'm going home again dis wik....yeay...hou yeah..hou yeah.. wo yau hui jia...jia, wo lai ler~~~hehee..wat ever u wanna call me.. PBSM or wat eva..nak balik gak.. :P...

thats all for this time..penat aku taip panjang2 yg lepas..skali xdpt nk post..huhu..
Aj Hom Bohut Khusyei..

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yesterday,raja-kun,anis n me went 2 tasek bandar 4 j0gging..nad n fanaj j0ined a lil later.afta a round of j0g,d lake becme,we st0pped n went bak 2 d lake in our campus,we stopped n j0ined d kayaking was my 1st time kayaking.a gr8 experience coz anis n i kayak for 3 was d 3rd time 4 anis n mine is FIRST..i myself cant believe dat i could kayak.haha..i shud've at least take a pic 2 pro0ve dat i've kayakd.hehe..i couldnt wait 2 post an entry bout dis amazing experience!!i'm pretty bz dis wik wif labs n meetg 2 catch up..huhu..
Wokeyh..all d best..
Chiayou sihin!!
Aj h0m bohut khushei...

Friday, January 9, 2009

ApPLe of MaLaysiA

Wokeyh.dis is it.dis is d fruit dat i menti0ned in d previous blog.i already knw wat is it called.its buah mentega.i d0nt knw wat it is called in eng. Or its scientific name. But at least i kn0w wat is it taste coz i have tasted it bef0re.hehe..nice.nice ;-)

tRiP to miNi zO0


wokeyh.. guess wat?todays plan supposedly to be joining my uni's demonstration of anti Israel on the afternoon, rite afta friday prayer but as qiqi n i had some works to be settled at my Kuliiyyah, i had to cancel my early plan... settled our work, we felt like getting fresh air. so, we went to TC. the breeze there is so nice and peacefull. passing by there, we drove to mini zoo at taman teruntum.

as it was a cloudy day, only a few people were there. i never thought that i could go to the free mini zoo this afternoon. pretty interesting. but i felt like we're kinda x cukup korum coz only the 2 of us.. we used to do sumthing unexpectedly, last minute decision 'kerja gile' with mun n diba..but, as we were already there, we just entered the free of charge mini zoo. i will never forget what happened during the trip..

guess wat? we're being chased by a bunch of monkeys because we brought some food..only then qiqi said "sihin, aku lupe laa.kat internet suh kite aware ngn monyet".. i was like,"qiqi, aku memang nak jogging petang nie.tapi xsangke lak aku kene ranaway from a bunch of monkeys, in a mini zoo n bg skali makanan kite tuh. lepas kene kejar bru ko nak bgtau...cessss... brani kau"hahahaaaa..sengal+blur btol si qiqi nie..hahaa...

then, we joined a group of people yang tengah touring the zoo.felt a lil secure laaa..huhu..then, ade sorang uncle who was feeding the deers gave us a unique fruit..there're some trees with unrippened fruits. then i asked him whether the fruit is poisonous or not n wat is it called. he just plucked the biggest 1 and gave it to us.he himself dunno wat is it did us..hahaa..,thanx uncle. we'll surely will come again....ONLY and IF ONLY with more frens join us..owh yes.. make sure we bring a rubber band to lastik monyet2 tuh.. its a tip given by makcik jual makanan goreng n air kelapa there.tq makcik..hehee

after that, we drove to Gelora beach.Qiqi asked me to bring her to the beach where i shot photos wif nik...regretting for not bringging my camera along, we just shot some pics with our handphones camera. :( still, feel much better..we enjoyed ourselves thou..huhu

wokeyh..aj hom bohut khusyei!!!a new beautiful day to move on tomorrow..everyday..enjoy our life as we could as long as we dont overlimit..yosh!!!SMILE~~~SMILE~~~

p/s: pleasee watch 'who r u?' or 'nu gu sae yo?', a korean series..sriusly, i think i've been influenced much by that series... SMILEEEE~~~~

Thursday, January 8, 2009

i've never heard of outlandish before..showie...pretty ketinggalan zaman..but my frens bising-bising, asking me to listen to them..then i listened n now,i'm hooked with the songs..
try listen to this album...
i love callin' you...its awesome...

PC aka Programme Coordinator

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

hurm...well, nak shout out sket..huhuu..
PC..i always been given a task as a PC committee...sumtimes i fil like 'muke aku nie ad cap pc ke?'hahaa....its pretty tired coz it requires my brain to work more...yup..brain, u nid to work..hahha...i always mumbling, complaining whatever task i've been given..but deep inside, i do enjoy the tasks given..I'm proud to be a part of the committes that could run a programme..i pray that all the programmes i'm in could run smoothly with least problems occur..insyaallah all programmes we've planned could be done, well, nothing is perfect of, make least prob wif more bakup plans, dude...thanx for giving me experiences and chances to improve myself..
wokeyh!!!more programmes to run for dis sem..
aja!aja! fighting!!
chaiyou!chiayou!! <-- fav. word sa'at+jasman+me..miahahhaa...:P

aduh..rindu gaban r kat korang..abit+sa'at+jasman+nana+wani..ingat time lepak2 kt skola dulu...huhuu...bile ag nk lepak weh? wanting a class gathering..k.jasman..aku lantik ko jd PM, as usual..hahaa...

ok..bak to kuantan story..all i can say is :
sihin!!!!chiayou!chiayou!ni yi ting hui de!!!huhuu

Monday, January 5, 2009


Lepak ngn nik,my exrumate,kt black cany0n..guez m0cha's whose n tea's whose..nyum2..hehe..afta dat we went 2 gel0ra.cek d pics at facebo0k :-P..ote?ote?('how' in korean)cun x?xd r cun sgt,kn?ckup utk poyo ngn jasman :-P.miahahahaa..k0men plz..huhu..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My bag..

C0mey x?dis is my bag..elm0 n frenz..percaya x?ske.ske.ske.hehehe...


Time 2 study.tired..bored..naa..n0t realy..juz my desk is a lil mess..huhu..aja!aja!study dude!

Friday, January 2, 2009


welcome to my LifE~~
sorry for posting first entry wif a boring mode..yeah damn bored sitting in my room doing nothing..juz listening to my playlist..its been non stop raining since last 2 days here..guess today's temperature is the cold...
well,supposedly, today is my 'hibernation' day..but i've slept too much till i can't sleep..ehe..
so...wat should i do next?? alrite..lets watch movies!!!