Friday, November 11, 2011

i'm back..


i am back!!!! ngeh.ngeh.ngeh..

owh!hisashiburi... honto!!!

it's been awhile since my last entry. busy with my FYP etc. but now, i'm already a biotechnology graduate.. woot! woot!

ok..well, guess my status now is, still a student -.-"

my dream to enjoy a leisure life of a postgrad student seems to be verryyyyy far. though its just started, guess the life is more hectic then being an FYP student. like my boss once said, "enjoyyyy the stress" guess i m "enjoying" my stress life. hurm.. i m indeed enjoying the stress. life must goes on. just keep moving forward. i believe in this ayah,
"Verily, with every difficulty there is relief" (94:6)

so, trust in HIM, & insyaAllah all the hardwork will be paid off

owh btw, though i love to watch Japanese drama, never i've ever imagined that i'l be working under a Japanese. its great working with people that has wide knowledge in his field.. need to learn so much thing from him. working style, the subject itself, japanese language, etc..

ja... lets enjoy the stress. lets work harder. lets strive for the best!



smile *-^

Thursday, February 3, 2011



well, stiLL in the mid term break...

previously, i often heard my friends love blog-hopping..still, i myself blog hopping.. ehee

but i think, currently, i prefer to do fb-hopping. thou not much can be read.. but theres a lot to know about community these days.. photos uploaded can give thousands thots..

so, latest, i found a Kedahan youtuber, n i like his vids.. 1 of it is this vid regarding texting words.. cannot agree more lah.. heee

by the way, my plan tonite was actually to key in data for my FYP before i ended up with fb- & blog-hopping.. ehee

ok laaa... will try to do it tomoro (ok, i know.. ayat orang pemalas XD)


Sunday, January 30, 2011

mid Break


its been awhile, aite? i'm a panicky.. OK?! lots of thing happened, to start my new year.. cracked my head, pray more (yang sunat laa... yang wajib, insyaAllah terjaga lagi).. then i solved my things.. end of dat story..

since this semester i only have 1 class per week,so i back & forth kuantan n Johor, weekly.. 1 wik in Kuantan, n 1 wik in Johor & so now, finished my lab work, & homed for mid term break..feeling great after completing the lab work.. so now, can focus on my thesis pulak.. hou yeah!hou yeah!!

For my FYP, so far, alhamdulillah, everything still according to plan.. gonna start my thesis early Feb insyaAllah.. praying for the best for my result presentation & thesis. YOSHHH!!!!!

sampling; credits to them

paling tak boleh blah, kena tolak van yang terselut dalam pasir pantai.. tuh laa.. sape suh tak bawk pajero



-aku yang semakin malas menghupdate blog-

Friday, December 24, 2010



ogenki desuka??

my life is kinda messy recently..

so, i ended up deactivating my FB account... well, at least for 3 days.. well, initially, i wanted to make it a week.. but i guess the addiction wont allow me to.. ehee

hurm.. so frens, pape, roger kat hp or ym, kay? eheee



ps : enjoying busy life at home ;)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

new Sem


hisashiburi!!! its been awHiLE~~ yup! maLAs nak update my Blog ni..

the mood just came when my cousin called me...

i broke my phone few months back n lost most contacts.. my cousin called me out of blue asking me about gastric patients diet.. sory dude.. dunno much.. i jus know that we shud eat at the correct time.. well, at least a piece of cracker..janji ada mende masuk to avoid more acid corroding our intestinal epithelium cells..eheee...

didn't expect dia boleh kena gastric sebab as far as i know, dia ni pemakan.. hurm.. tu laaa.. sape suh makan tak kena time.. skip breakfast agi :P

k laaa.. makan ikut timing sendiri, with reasonable amount.. isk.isk..

anyway, wishing the Best of Luck to all IIUMian for this new semester... frens, lets Try our BesT for our FinaL semesTer here, as an undergrad student!!! Gambarou!!!



Friday, October 29, 2010


hisashiburi.. oho~~~

its been awhile since my last entry..ok, sriusly, lame kot?!ehe..
weLL, so much things happened this year.. malas nak cite..

cut it short,

so, latest update is, i just finished my first final paper for this semester, aka, my first final paper for undergrad exam.. no more exam paper nex sem.. hou yeah! hou yeah! (well, insyaAllah la..) bila da final exam bertulis ni, makin cuak semacam plak.. ho.ho.. next sem, can focus on my FYP (final year projek) je.. eeeeee....tak sabarnya nak habiskan FYP neyh!!!

oh yes!! due to unstable emotion with stress etc bcoz of exam, i felt down, like, for a week..? i'm like seriusly down, n even my YM status is still for self motivation...
"HE's alwaYs wiTh me.. it's a pRomisE ;)"

who do u think "HE" is in this status.. c'mon promise wont be permanently, wat? bajet aku da found some laa eh? ha.ha.. seb laaa korang tertipu.. sory laa weh.. siyus down laa.. He is my only hope woah.. have faith in HIM laa weh.. baru laa rase puas.. trust me, u'll feel a lil ease..


anyway, frens, mates, dudes, babes, lahlings... those who're struggling for final now, i'm wishing u,
THE BEST OF LUCK in ur final

& he's always with us



Thursday, September 16, 2010


pada suatu hari.....

A : ko suka laki yang cane?

B : laki yang kaya...

A : fuyyooooo... materialistik gak ko ni eh? *wat muka*

B : eh? idup mesti laa materialistik.. barulaa maju.. alang nak wat ibadat pon harapkan balasan keredhaanNya.. btol x? *monolog dalaman : woi sedare, kaya yang aku nak, kaya iman, kaya akhlak, barulaa kaya harta n rupa T_____T*

conclusion : kalo cite pasal kaya, orang mesti pikir $$$$$, kan? bukan mende tuh subjektif ke? mcm kaya ble refer woah..xpaham aku..isk.isk.isk....