Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last minute


Bile kerja dibuat last minit,ni la jadinye.tangguh punye tangguh,last-last sakit kepala nak setelkan sume in 1 shot.haish~~bile la aku nak buang bad habbit nieyh..

This week will be a l0ng week,scheduled as bel0w:
M0nday : midterm exam microbes + skill class aka terpaksa miss nak gi swim :(
Tuesday : fieldwork at an estuary,if the weather is ok.insyaAllah
Wednesday : presentati0n+submit nrm rep0rt
Thursday : submit lab rep0rt+assignmen
Friday : midterm exam ocean0 + submit repot plankt0n + BALIK RUMAH!!!

Rasenye,banyak-banyak ni,i just cant wait to be h0me je..waLLLaAaaaa

Takpe,kitorang start midterm dulu.takde r penat sangat nak pulun time midterm break kang..*nak pujuk diri kunun.kerja melambak woah*

Anyway,gudluck sume~


Thursday, January 14, 2010



Well, supposedly, despite skill class, i have neither class nor lab for today.. but then, because of lack of lab apparatus during the exact, scheduled lab yesterday, qiqi n I have to finish our lab work..

we went there after our lunch.. as we missed the 3pm bus, we have to walk to the lab. the rain started falling as we almost reached there.. tak pe laaaa redha je laaaa... then, when we reached there, we found out that the apparatus is not available. a senior was using it for his Final Year Project(FYP).. nak tunggu, he might finished in a short time.Wallaaaaaa.... penat woah.. baru sampai, dah kena, nak tak nak, we walked back to our hostel.. students yang drove car pon didn't willing to give us a ride.. selalunya, ada je laaa orang nak tumpangkan..fine, i know.. we should not be expecting lucky things to happen all the time, aite?

we bought pisang goreng, konon-konon nak makan while waiting for the labwork.. but we ended up eating at cafe, sitting at the same seating for our lunch previously..

dah my lab partner sorang nie bising nak drive kete balik.. naseb laa qiqi.. ehee..

hurm...looks like we have to come to lab again tomorrow..