Monday, August 30, 2010


well.. after been thru a great day, i received a bad news which really irritating!!!

ook.. instead of sharing problems, i prefer to share happy things with friends.. so, inilah problemnya.. kusut da kepala ni nak pikir pe nak buat..

Ya Allah, please don't test me with something i'm not afford..



ja Neee

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RamaDhan's here


ogenki desuka? well.. a week before ramadhan started, my class went to field trips.. 4 days in mangrove forest, half a day at Pekan, 1 day at Cherating n finally, half a day burnt under hot sunshine on dikes at a fishing farm in Cerok Paloh (i guess)..

we didn't go just for fun.. ok, we did have fun.. but thought of loads of report awaiting, urgh!!!! i hate it.. tak pe laa.. at least, dapat went diving for once before fasting month started, ok laa tuh (words to motivate myself.. ok, siyus hate report writing)

once we got back, we were informed that we had to do tones of report INDIVIDUALLY!!! apakah?! time kat field trip kata wat in group.. seniors pon wat in group.. revenge x dapat mee udang eh :P

ok, redha :(

then, the lovely, a long waited month arrived..alhamdulillah.. i could feel my tense fading away.. hou yeah! seriously, memang rasa tenang sangat2 thou tones of report n lab work awaiting..

n PLUS!!! sampling, tetap sampling!! huhuu

well...unlike others, i prefer to set my annual goals in Ramadhan, instead of Muharram.. i think, alang-alang da puasa, pe salahnya start improving ourselves, aite? so, hopefully, this Ramadhan's goals, i can fulfill them ;)

ok, some of pics to be shared :

label, jangan tak label

@charcoal factory.. nk try gak

latest sampling

well then,


SeLaMat Berpuasa sume ;)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

weekend ke, week-not-end?


wat a hectic weekend i had.. yesterday(Saturday), i had a futsal match.. well, i only could join a match.. coz i had morning class, our first class for this new subject, this semester. he's an import lecturer form other uni, as my uni lack of lecturers (most of our future experts, ehe.. are on their study leave)..memang tak sempat la to wait for them to come bak n teach us..tak pelaa.. for the sake of next generation, redha je laaa.. huhuu

it was also the day where i have to take care of our class's fingerlings in cage n aquariums. then, in the afternoon, i enjoyed fooling around, playing voleyball.. didn't feel the seniority at all playing with the juniors.. hahaa... memang layan asal boleh je pon, kan.. thou we lost, at least we enjoyed playing voleyball.. heee.. after that, need to feed the fingerlings in the cage n aquarium again.. twice a day babe!! memang buat schedule laa for my aquaculture class, sape yang in-charge for feeding.

at nite plak, went out to pick my friend gi mane ntah. sampai bilik, helped out one of my friend with her lappy..tak settle lagi, nta cane trus tertidur..hahaaa

as for today plak, my classmate yang in-caj feeding the fingerlings not around plak.. so, tolong laa dia feeding them again..then, had a futsal match again. 1 won, 1 lost.. takpe laa.. we enjoyed the games thou :)

after the game, went out to shop some things for my FYP, bajet-bajet wanted to continue my FYP after zoho. but it turned out i did my FYP on the comfortable bed.. hahhaaa... so, sok jelaaa

at nite, my fren brought murtabak cracker from home..memang TERBAEKK laaa!!!! tq!tq! memang ko da ble kawen laa tak lame lagi :P
hontoni arigato neeee!!!! terus supper n sahur.. perut kenyang.. ooohhllalallalaa~~~

wokeyh, kena sambung tolong member cari journals for her FYP.. beb, i have nothing much to help.. so, ni jelaa aku boleh tolong hang, ok.. sorry sangat.. best of luck to U & ALL OF MY FRIENDS in your FYP... gambarou, ne?!


ja~ NEee