Thursday, July 29, 2010

first month


ogenki desuka? well, as in my previous post, dis year is kinda stress year, aite? guess i shudnt take it too seriously.. shudnt be stressful for the things i'm being tested..

wokeyh...simple go green (redirected from here)

so, this semester, i was being offered to be a committee which i expected to be a 1 day program.. however, as i attended the 2nd meeting, then only i knew that it is a 1 SEMESTER program.. hahaa.. sape suh tak tanye betol2.. men accept je the post.. its my uni go green program.. insyaAllah i can do my best, thou i'm kinda busy with my FYP (final year project), & loads of field trip!!! sounds great,aite? praying the best along with doing my best to fulfill all my responsibilities.ahax~~~ (sounds poyo tak :P)

terima kaseh atas jasa baik kalian thou during a rainy day ;)
(nad, newah n cik wani j)

first lab yang membasahkan diri :P


more interesting things coming up through out this semester *the excitement is coming.. hou yeah!hou yeah!*


ja~ Neeeeeee~~~

Saturday, July 24, 2010

lame dah eh~~


Its been awhile since my last post..

already settled in kuantan, started new semester.. just started.. but i could feel the pressure..

i guess, this year, i can call a year of dugaan.. u know my limit, ya Allah.. please help me in facing ur tests..

sriusly, aku tengah STRESSS!!!!

ok, insyaAllah i can do it!! yes! i can do it! i can do it! *motivating myself*

malas nak pikir dah..