Monday, May 3, 2010

2 cups of a MiLk a Day


ogenki desuka?

i just had a cup of hot milk after days had a single cup of milk... sounds as if been months.. ahax~~

weLL, i always n MUST have at least a cup of milk everyday..but, when i started my practical here, i think, i only had 4 cups of milk within 16 days, thats including just now!!!hurm.. milk n calcium is necessary for frowth rite?

chup, if its including a bottle i drank when we visited to DESA milk factory in Kundasang last Saturday, that would be only 5 times i drank milk!!! *well, saje nak poyo that my friends & i went jalan-jalan some places in Sabah.. ehee*

the journey involved 5 of us..thats me, qiqi n adik-adik we just befriends at UMS..

we rent a students car, rm75 for a day, rm70 fuels for the whole journey..started journey from UMS
at 6am.. trust me, the morning is like its already 7.30am in, takdelaa gelap sangat.. reached the National Park around 8.10am.. then we climbed a lil to see from the waterfall view n we could see the peak of Mount Kinabalu.. its kinda sad coz we couldnt see the sun rising behind the peak.. if only we could reached there by 7am :(

then, we went to Poring Hot Springs.. memang best!!! but there were a lot of VISITORS!! we forgot that it was a public holiday *sigh*.. from there, we went to Sabah Tea Garden.. the view was awesome!!! moved on to Kampung Luanti which was just next to it for fish massaged..NICE!!!then we visited our adik-adiks friend at Ranau and finally we went to Desa Milk factory before we returned to KK =)

reached UMS by 6.45pm which it looks more like its already 8pm if we r in Peninsular..*ok, memang tak dapat nak sesuaikan diri lagi with the time here :(*

so, some pics to share ;))

few Kms

asked for the closed bathtubs for more privacy =)

tea pancake and teh-c ;
a must try menu at Sabah tea Garden

feeding the fish (ikan kelah) @ kampung luanti..

final stop!
fresh milk, please =))

thats it for our second Saturday in Sabah.. eheee