Friday, October 29, 2010


hisashiburi.. oho~~~

its been awhile since my last entry..ok, sriusly, lame kot?!ehe..
weLL, so much things happened this year.. malas nak cite..

cut it short,

so, latest update is, i just finished my first final paper for this semester, aka, my first final paper for undergrad exam.. no more exam paper nex sem.. hou yeah! hou yeah! (well, insyaAllah la..) bila da final exam bertulis ni, makin cuak semacam plak.. ho.ho.. next sem, can focus on my FYP (final year projek) je.. eeeeee....tak sabarnya nak habiskan FYP neyh!!!

oh yes!! due to unstable emotion with stress etc bcoz of exam, i felt down, like, for a week..? i'm like seriusly down, n even my YM status is still for self motivation...
"HE's alwaYs wiTh me.. it's a pRomisE ;)"

who do u think "HE" is in this status.. c'mon promise wont be permanently, wat? bajet aku da found some laa eh? ha.ha.. seb laaa korang tertipu.. sory laa weh.. siyus down laa.. He is my only hope woah.. have faith in HIM laa weh.. baru laa rase puas.. trust me, u'll feel a lil ease..


anyway, frens, mates, dudes, babes, lahlings... those who're struggling for final now, i'm wishing u,
THE BEST OF LUCK in ur final

& he's always with us



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